August 27 - September 3

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Sorry this is a smidge late, took Labor Day off!

I put out my latest video including a my favorite derby things from August!

This week's highlights:


Dear Roller Derby: We Can Do Better

Punchy O'Guts Blog

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What You Missed If You Slept on the Cups

The Apex


Can We Talk About the Day Curly Håår Just Had? 🔥 🙌 😱

The Apex


WFTDA Welcomes New Members, Flint Roller Derby and Dirty Jersey Roller Derby



Blocking With The Head Part 8: Returning from injury

Astrid Coxon Blog


7 easy tips to improve your jamming

Harddash blog


Because Strength Matters

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog



Roller Derby Athletics


ON THE FIRST DAY OF ROLLERCON!!! - RollerCon2018 Day03

Fluxx Vlogs Youtube

Weekend Games:


WFTDA Playoffs, Part 1 - Spain

Flat Track Stats

WFTDA Wrap up


Fundraiser Highlight:  Emily Does CrossFit for Champs!!

To be able to reach the officiating standard required for Champs I have travelled internationally for 3 years, paying almost entirely my own travel and accommodation expenses. It is an incredible honour to be selected for this level of competition, and thank you for all your support along the way.

So if I’ve ever officiated a game you’ve skated in, coached or watched, I’d really really appreciate a few quid. And if you are feeling super generous, why not double that to help The Proud Trust!

You all know that of course I’m doing this for the love, but the love has cost me a shit ton of cash!

Donate if you can, share if you can't!



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