January 8 - 14 💣

Hey there Derbyverse!

Last week I shared a blog with some great first practice advice from #derbytwitter! Check it out!

This Week’s Highlights:

WFTDA Updates rules test, incorporating the January 2019 revisions to the Rules

WFTDA site Facebook post

WFTDA Announces 2019 WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments

WFTDA site Facebook post

Roller Derby Athletics Provides Free month of off-skates training and coaching to those affected by US government shutdown

RDA Facebook post

Three Former D1 Players Announce A Comeback

The Apex

*Updated!! Three more!

Applications Live for the 2019 Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby

Google form FB post

A Roller Derby Athlete’s Guide To Periodization :: PART ONE

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

I have concerns about your Roller Skates this off season

Freight Train FB Video

‘Nashville Rollergirls’ to Rebrand as ‘Nashville Roller Derby,’ Reflecting the Organization’s Inclusive Values

Press release (file) FB post

Goal Setting and Other (more important and relevant) Things

Iron Octopus Fitness FB Live

Who Would Be In Your Leagues Top 5 All Time?

The Apex

London Rollergirls are recruiting their bench coaching teams for 2019!

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Roller Derby Athletics Blog

Officials Application - Kallio FINvitational 2019

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Tui Lyon Featured in Voyage LA’, Meet Tui Lyon of Angel City Derby


Sisu Launches SISU Sense

Sisu site

*I am so excited about this new smart mouthguard which “measures impacts to the head and brings attention to concussion detection”! Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Looks like roller derby Harley Quinn is happening!!

Daily Mail

First Derby Practice Advice | 10 Things We Wish We Knew

Nox Blogs

MVP of the Week & Fundraiser Highlight: Rachel Rotten

…what many folks don't know is that I live with an autoimmune disease called Crohn's disease that sometimes wreaks havoc on my body and makes me incredibly ill. I suffered a bad flare up that put me in the hospital a week before the Big O and didn't know if I'd be able to play, and though I did, the tournament was wrought with stress and physical pain for me (if you're wondering why I started wearing torso padding, this is it).

My doctors informed me that my next surgery would be very invasive intestine removal and would compromise skating because recovery would be long and delicate. They didn't give me a date to go under, but they put me on an aggressive treatment plan so they could better determine a timeline. Right about this same time, I was asked to jam. I was given an opportunity to try something new, at a time when I didn't (and still don't) know when I'll have to take a break for my health.

…My treatment continues and I'll know soon what my health forecast for 2019 looks like. For now, the payment for my treatments is massive, so I'm working like crazy and I reached out to a talented artist to help create some really dope merch so I can try to chip away at my medical bills.

If you want to support my little side project to put more fuel on the fire and medicine in my belly, I would feel so grateful - because I will not let anything stop me from skating until I have to.


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