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Sexual misconduct on the roller derby track — We can stop it.

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Southern Discomfort Roller Derby Issues Sanctions

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MRDA Board Statement - Southern Discomfort Roller Derby investigation

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2019 JRDA Tournament Head application is now open

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Growing the League: How Our Skater Programs Are Evolving

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Bone Shaker and B.A. Bolster Canberra Roster

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Jambi is Back!

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Frightmare looking for help improving brain safety in roller derby


What a Bout! Issue #3 Winter 2019

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ECDX 2019 Announcer Application

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Team Indigenous Roller Derby shares 10 Ways to Be An Indigenous Accomplice

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2019 Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby Skater Application

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Roller Derby Thoughts - How to Pass Your 27-In-5 and more, Advice for Rookie Skaters

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Derby Rocz Episode 183

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USARS Team USA Mens Roller Derby roster announced

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MVP of the Week: Theminist Killjoy

This week referee Killjoy shared this wonderful piece Sexual misconduct on the roller derby track — We can stop it. It’s a great piece I encourage everyone to read but I really loved this commitment to making things better and am making a point to do so myself! Thanks for writing this and challenging us all to do better!

Commit yourself to change

My name is Theminist Killjoy, I’m a roller derby referee, and I’m making the commitment, right now, to stand up against sexual misconduct in roller derby.

I will challenge it directly if I see it.

I will follow it up, and never consider an incident too minor to be worth reporting.

I will call out “stepping stone” behaviours and actions — ones that normalise boundary violation and make light of consent, or that bolster cultures of toxic masculinity.

I will listen to, believe, and amplify the voices speaking out.

If you’re with me, spread the word, and make the same or similar commitments yourself to building something better.


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