January 21 - 28 💫

Hey there Derbyverse! This week I shared my new blog 4 Great Reasons Everyone Should Guest Skate! Check it out and share with your derby circle!

This Week’s Highlights:

Beginning Apex Jump Practice

Power Through the Fourth Whistle Youtube Video

2x4 and Team Argentina to Embark on the Most Ambitious Trip in the History of Roller Derby 🇦🇷

The Apex

Roller Derby Thoughts - How Do You Get More Playing Time?

Power Through the Fourth Whistle Podcast on Anchor

Smarty Pants Announces ‘Strong Athletic’ Podcast

Smarty’s FB Post

Roller Derby: Why I love Playing This Sport (a response to Chatelaine)

Meg Black FB post

ECDX to announce teams 2/2

FB Post

Power of Scotland MRDA Team Statement on MRDA Sanctions

FB Post

EROC 2019 - Booking Form

Google Form


Fundraiser Highlight: A New Voice for Steffi

Steffi is an amazing announcer and person! Please help her slay this dysphoria trigger and is donate to her GoFundMe!

I'm Stefanie, a trans woman. One of the biggest dysphoria issues I face is my voice. While people have told me they love my voice in the 15 years of public speaking I've done, it's something that I don't feel is right for me. As a result, I'm looking to schedule a vocal feminization surgery to get me to the pitch I feel is appropriate. Also, I think I have a fun way to thank you if you donate to help me get there…

Where does the $8,000 figure come from? The surgery I need will cost anywhere between $5,000 to $7,000, plus consultation, recovery, and travel expenses. Once I have the ability to pay for the surgery in full, I'll book the date and keep everyone informed of my recovery progress so you know how close we're getting to recording time so you can be prepared to start sending me your requests.

Feel free to spread the word, and thanks for considering helping me slay my biggest dysphoria trigger!

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