Roller Derby News: 👀 September 23- October 7

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. This week is a double dose of derby news because sometimes life is hectic and I didn’t get to make the Roundup last week.


This Week in Roller Derby News:

WFTDA Releases Sept. 30 Rankings and 2019 Championships Seeding


Applications for the 2020 WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Program are open


MRDA Champs Bracket Released


MRDA Championships Officiating Crews Announced


Tiger Bay Announces 5 All-Star Retirements

FB Post

Seattle Playoff MVP Klien Highlight Reel

WFTDA Twitter

British Championships Playoffs Archives Up

Real Time Events Youtube

The Origin Story of Team Indigenous As Told by Co-Founder Jumpy McGee, aka April Fournier

Strong Athletic Blog

The Origin Story of Jewish Roller Derby as told by Co-Founder Tiggz, aka Martine Dudinsky

Strong Athletic Blog

This Might Hurt To Hear...Tough Love from a Coach

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

Response to FPFW ‘article’ on Roller Derby

Dawn Robert Fletcher Blog

Toe Stop Agility: Footwork on Roller Skates

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast FB Video

2020 Battle of the All Stars - Officials Application Form

Google Form

Big O Tournament 2020 Team interest Form

Google Form

ECDX 2019 Tournament Heads and GTOs Application

Google Form

JDN’s September 2019 World Rankings


JRDA Opens Applications for Regional Coordinator positions in Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast US




Nah, actually, I’m not going to try to write all these out today but here are the standings after a big derby weekend!

The Great B-Team Skate Off (B-Champs)

Archive * FB Event * Hashtag

1st - Denver

2nd - VRDL

3rd - Rose

4th - Montreal


Archive * FB Event * Hashtag

1st - Dock City

2nd - Antwerp

3rd - Kallio

4th - Perth

For scores check out WFTDA’s stats site and #WFTDAFinalScore


Let’s talk about:

There was a very terfy article about roller derby published by someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about derby. I won’t post it here, no need to spread that nonsense, BUT I do want to talk about how the derbyverse quickly made sure everyone knows that’s not what we’re about. Many leagues shared statements like those below, the teams in the photos asked to see the photo release, and #derbytwitter flooded the thread. OutSports has a nice write-up about it here!

*Also everyone should be paying attention to the important conversations happening surrounded Moxi and CIB from Queer Skate Alliance, BIPOC, People in Bowls. I haven’t had time to sit down and write a proper summary of the discussion (it’s too important to half-ass) but just take some time to listen!

Fundraiser Highlight: Help Jewish Roller Derby get to Montreal!


As WFTDA and Team Indigenous worked together, further discussion emerged about the inclusion of another borderless nation. A team who represented a similar history of strength and resilience in the face of adversity, Jewish Roller Derby. This is the story of how "We Are Nation" was born. This is a game that will celebrate two teams on the biggest stage in the roller derby community as they claim that space for people traditionally marginalized on a global scale as well as within the sport. A game to claim space and celebrate a different way to define "nation". A game without borders.


Wendy Walden