Roller Derby News: ☘️ March 11 - 18

Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to the Weekly Roundup for March 11th - 18, 2019! Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been down with a fever!

March is officials appreciation month! Share some extra love with your officials this month! <3

This week I’m hyped about the Lobstah Roll archives going up (s/o to NERDerby) , sharing my How To Clean Your Skate Bearings tutorial, and Freight Train is hosting a giveaway! Lots more happened, too, so keep scrolling!

This Week in Roller Derby News:

How To Clean Your Skate Bearings

Nox Blog

Lobstah Roll Archives

NERDerby Youtube

Coastal Chaos 2019 Officiating/Stats/GTO Application

Google Form

Don’t let abusers pretend to be victims.

It Happens in Derby

HitSquadTV Interviews Sarah Chambers of VRDL

Facebook Live Video

Freight Train's FREE March Giveaway!

Google Form

2018 WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Experience Survey

WFTDA Survey

Basic roller derby streaming chat from twitch

NERDerby Youtube

Feedback in your Sport - Asking for, Giving, Receiving

Power Through the 4th Whistle, Roller Derby Thoughts podcast on Spotify

Big O Schedule Released

Big O Site

K-Town Shakedown 2019 Volunteer Application

Google Form


Fundraiser Highlight: The Zebra Has No Fear

Help this official fundraise for their tournament travel and get a rad shirt!

So I figured it can't hurt to ask! I made this tee because it sorta defines my 2019 season so far. Proceeds will offset transport expenses to Clover Cup, Cactus Cup, Big O, Besterns and Monsoon Madness 2. Can't buy a shirt? How about a RT :) thank you!

—-> Bonfire


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