Roller Derby News: ✐ March 18 - 25

Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to the Weekly Roundup for March 18th - 25, 2019!

March is officials appreciation month! Share some extra love with your officials this month! <3

This week I’m excited to share the Weekly because DANG it’s packed! 18 great highlights from around the derbyverse but my fav is that Norman Reedus and Marilyn Manson went to a Nashville game for Norman’s reality show bc waat?

This Week in Roller Derby News:

WFTDA Announces Next #AskWFTDA Session (March 28)

WFTDA Twitter photo

Derby advice time!

Juke Boxx FB Live Video

Balance Training for Skating

Power Thru the 4th Whistle FB Video

Norman Reedus and Marilyn Manson Attend a Nashville Game

FB Video

UAE All-Stars: A National Team for the Emirates

Scottish Roller Derby Blog

Building Positive Team Culture

Rose City Rollers Blog

Udder Chaos Schedule Released

FB Photo

#MentalMonday: Self Compassion

Maurine Filip FB Photo

Chatterbox Pick ‘Ems March 22

FB Photo

Rouge Runner Officially with New Skids

New Skids FB Photo

Non-Glamour Back Muscles

Iron Octopus Fitness FB Video

What A Year

Derby Photographer Marko Niemelä for What A Bout Mag

It's about the TEAM. The TEAM, the TEAM, the TEAM

Power Thru the 4th Whistle Podcast on Spotify

How to Coach Skills

Rule 56 FB Event

Drill Manipulation (the tip of an ice berg in the Constraints-Led Approach)

Rule 56 Blog

Interview with Kira Hesse from Newbournes Junior Roller Derby

The Lovely Biertrix Live FB Video

DeeTales: Self love & interactive practices

Derby from the Balcony on Anchor

Weekend Scores:

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This week JRDA announced the tournament official heads for their upcoming championship tournament in July! Congrats, y’all! <3


Fundraiser Highlight: 2x4 International Tour 2019

Hi, we're Team Osom (2x4 Roller Derby), we're a team from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since our first trip to USA we've been going up the rankings until we achieved the great honor of reaching number 12 worldwide. But this road doesn't end there: today our goals are bigger than ever since we want to get to the top 10 and make it to championships, but to accomplish this thing we need your help. We want to embark ourselves on our 6th international trip.

—-> Go Fund Me

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