Roller Derby News: 📋 February 25 - March 4

Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to the Weekly Roundup for February 25th- March 4th 2019.

It’s come to my attention that March is officials appreciation month!!! Shoutout to all the officials here today <3

This week in derby news WFTDA announced the 2019 post-season tournament locations (and, as Apex noticed, has redrawn some of the region lines), Pretty Miffed did a stellar job explaining Stats Processing in the British Champs blog, and the JRDA released a strange and vague statement on… something???

Our MVP(s) of the Week are two Rat City officials who’ve dedicate more than 1,000 hours to the Rat City organization! Scroll down to learn more about them!

This Week’s Highlights:

2019 WFTDA Postseason Dates and Locations Released


Lobstah Roll Tournament Live Streaming FREE On Twitch Lobstah Roll Site



JRDA Statement

JRDA Facebook

Stats Processing

Pretty Miffed (head of stats for this year’s British Championships) for British Champs Site

Jammer Trick: The Figure Eight Drill!

Miracle Whips Facebook Video

JRDA Scholarship Applications due March 31st


Short Track Worldwide Update (2019 Feb)

Scottish Roller Derby Blog

Beginning Bean Dips

Power Thru the 4th Whistle FB Video

Old Navy Features Roller Derby (Muscogee Roller Girls) in New United State of FUN Ad

Facebook Video

Roller Derby Thoughts Episode 30: Impostor Syndrome & Perfectionism

Power Thru the 4th Whistle Podcast - iTunes Anchor

Skater Stats for British Champs Now Available

British Champs Site

10 Things If You Missed Battle of the All Stars 2019

The Apex

Talk Derby to Me Podcast Liveshow

Facebook Video

Roller derby player thinks that volunteers should be grateful to her

Anitclockwise Blog


Balance on One Leg

Coach the Coach Youtube

2019 K-Town Officials Application

Google Form

Your Core Canister

Iron Octopus Fitness FB Live Video


MVP(s) of the Week: Reed d’Rulz & Tenacious D Cup

These two Rat City officials recently achieved Founder Status in their league, which they were granted after each reached 1,000 hours of service to the organization! That is HUGE and amazing and I wanted to make sure we got another chance to celebrate them and their work! If you know them IRL, give them a high-five for me!!


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Wendy Walden