Roller Derby News: 💙 March 25 - April 1

Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to the Weekly Roundup for March 25 - April 1, 2019

This week the WFTDA had a q/a session on Twitter, two new accounts have been shared from It Happens in Derby, and Power Thru the 4th Whistle shared a great guide for crossovers for your newbies! Also, FIRS/WORLD SKATE is at it again. Scroll down to learn more and the rage…

I’m trying a new thing with the cover graphics, ya like? This photo is courtesy of Bob Dunnell/ Mr. McWheely! Thanks again, Bob! <3 I am working with a few derby photogs to get their photos out there and jazz up the weekly. If you or someone you know is interested, hit me up!

Also, yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility, a day to recognize and celebrate the trans community! Shoutout to all trans, GNC and NB people out there, but specifically those in the derbyverse. We have a long way to go to become the safe and inclusive space we should be. Please take some time watch the videos Queer Skate Alliance shared from some voices from the community!

Our MVP of the week is Flash-Fix It, who you can thank for the incredible and FREE stream of Dust Devil this weekend!

This Week in Roller Derby News:

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We need to talk about:

Fernando Regueiro / 'FIRS’ AKA ‘World Skate’ Announced this:

Last weekend, under the oversight of Mr. Masao Kato, who is a member of the International Roller Derby Commission, we beta-tested a new version of the game during the Japan Open in Tokyo.

We call this version Roller Derby Sevens or RD7 for short. It uses basically the same rules as the regular game, but it allows for a maximum of 7 players per team, with each game having 2 periods of only 15 minutes. It also reduces the number of officials and implements some other small variations. It is very fast and very exciting!.

Oh, but, Fernando…



Hmmmmmmm. I have feelings, obviously. But I’d love to hear your thoughts. And FIRS/World Skate should hear them, too.

———>Contact: Tel: +41 21 6011877 E-mail:

Weekend Scores:


MVP of the Week: Flash-Fix It

This weekend we got to watch the Dust Devil stream in high quality - fo’ free! All thanks to Flash! AND THEY’RE ALL ARCHIVED ON HIS YOUTUBE! 🙌BLESS

Thanks Flash!

Website | Facebook | Youtube


Fundraiser Highlight: Copenhagen Roller Derby wants to fly to Big O!

Copenhagen Roller Derby All Stars (CRD) are thrilled to have been invited to play to a tournament in America for the first time ever!
And not any tournament, mind you, the Big O  (Eugene, Oregon), one of the biggest, baddest tournaments out there.
We are so excited, we just can’t hide it. We are pumped.  We are training harder than in a sport comedy montage. We even made a video  to express our feelings to you. 
But with great power comes great responsibility, and great honour comes with great expenses!

So, we are asking you, Derbyverse, friends, fans and family if you have a coin to spare to help sending us across the Atlantic.

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