Roller Derby News: 👌 April 8 - 15

Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to the Weekly Roundup for April 8th - 15th, 2019


Who has a parade coming up on the league calendar? Check out my video from last year with some of my best advice!! ^



This weeks’ derby new cycle was centered largely on Euroderby! Crime City made a public statement on the WFTDA’s locations for post-season, Eurocup happened and Rainy became the first EU team to beat London! This we also were blessed with some great resources for officials from Sven (Tournament Survival for Announcers) and from the British Champs blog (How To Read a Stats Book). And Rose City shared a great and highly-requested resource for getting grants so def check that one out, too!

There were several games this weekend between EuroCup, Cactus Cup, Skate to Thrill, and more! Check below for the scores for those three tournaments and available game archives!

This Week in Roller Derby News:

Crime City Statement about 2019 Playoff Locations

Crime City FB post

Malmö Roller Derby - Crime City Rollers Statement /USA exclusive Playoffs

Power Jams, Talk Derby FB Video

Using Grants to Support Your League’s Growth

Rose City Rollers Blog

Tournament Survival for Announcers

Stuff Sven Says Blog

Sass: Midwest, USA

It Happens in Derby

How To Read a Stats Book

British Champs Blog

Footage Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Footage 🍿📽

The Apex

FiveonFiveMagazine Spring Issue is Out

FiveonFive FB post

AFTDA Spotlight Nomination

Google Form

WFTDA’s #WatchPartyWednesday - April 17- Santa Cruz vs Philly

WFTDA’s FB post

WFTDA’s Twitch

Who Is The Best European Derby Team? We Find Out This Weekend!

The Apex

Coffee & Chaos Episode 1 👽☕️⚡️ “Self Care”

Queer Skate Alliance FB Video

Dublin Roller Derby is Back

Dublin Roller Derby FB Video

Assessing Your Activity

Iron Octopus Fitness FB Live Video

Plow Stops - Coach the Coach

Rule 56 Youtube Video

Chatterbox Pick Em Week 5 2019

The Apex

Roller Derby Podcasts:

Power Through the 4th Whistle Podcast - Muscle Imbalance in Roller Derby, Bout Day feat. Special Guest Krissy Krash

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Frau Pow Podcast - You Belong and Your Deserve to Win with Kate Sera Sera

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Derby Rocz - Episode #195

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Weekend Scores:

EuroCup Manchester, UK

FB Event

Day 2 Day 3

Cactus Cup Arizona, USA

FB Event

Skate to Thrill Missouri, USA

FB Event


MVP of the Week: The Crowd at EuroCup

When one of the Helsinki jammers hit her head SO BAD HER HELMET CRACKED! She did sustain a minor concussion but luckily that’s all (not minimizing concussions, just think that it could have been WAY worse)! And the crowd took donations to get her a new helmet. HOW GREAT IS THAT? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ MVPS FOR ALL OF U

Fundraiser Highlight: Rage City

“This year, the All Stars will be traveling to Missouri and Wisconsin for 5 total games. This is where you come in. We need your help to fund our travels and work our way to the North America West Continental Cup. The team typically spends approximately 15,000 per tournament in funds we’ve raised over the course of the year, but, mostly it just comes out of our pockets. 
With your help, we’ll be able to alleviate some of the financial burden on our skaters. Thank you in advance for your support! “



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