Roller Derby News: 🍇 May 6 - 13

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup for May 6 - 13, 2019! This week derby news was fairly light! If you ever have something you think should go in the Weekly, let me know!

Huge huge thanks to Bob Dunnel/Mr. McWheely for letting me us his amazing photos <3

If you’d like your photos featured in The Weekly, I’d love to work with you - hit me up!


This Week in Roller Derby News:

WFTDA Opens Applications for Post-Season Tournament Head Announcers


Big O Archives Are Up

Emerald City Roller Derby Youtube

Ovary Actor’s New Podcast - ROLLER DERBY Official Timeout

Listen on iTunes

*I forgot to include the launch last week-sorry! Second episode “Section 2.3- 2.4: Gameplay (Part 2 of ?)” up now!

Roller Derby Athlete Training: The Mental Anchors ⚓️

Miracle Whips Facebook Video

This Is My Retirement Post. [PART ONE]

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

Ep. 18: I announced solo... and did die!

Derby from the Balcony on Anchor

Chatterbox Week 8 2019 (Flat Track Fever)

The Apex

Overtraining, Undereating, Building a Community in your League Feat. LACI KNIGHT

Power Through the 4th Whistle on iTunes

Weekend Highlights: 12 May 2019

Scottish Roller Derby Blog

"Town and Derby" Teaser Trailer

NERDerby Youtube

Roller Derby Diary - Celebrate the Wins

Down and Derby Youtube


Weekend Scores:

All info snagged from Flat Track Stats 🙌 Click the photo to go to the tournament FTS page

Flat Track Fever

Calgary, Alberta, Canada FB Event

Stroopwafel Cup

Amsterdam, Netherlands FB Event


Fundraiser Highlight: HitSquadTV - "Own the beard"

Lloyd Knox of HitSquadTV is raising money to support their derby content! If you’ve ever enjoyed a HitSquad video (who hasn’t?), throw a few dollars to this GoFundMe! If you can’t swing the donation, please share with your derby circle!

HitSquadTv is doing a fundraiser for the entire derby community to participate! The teams/players/ organizations/ fans/ parents who donate the most money will win the opportunity to do whatever they want to the beard of LLOYD KNOX. Dye it, color it, cut, shave, glitter, WHATEVER! You will also win an exclusive HitSquadTv #HitSquadMix at Rollercon, JRDA champs or a place of your choosing!

The money raised will go to HitSquadTv travel and HitSquad University in an attempt to get used equipment to get kids/adults into filming, among other educational needs! Let the raising of funds begin!


Are you a derby newbie? Let me share some advice.


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