Roller Derby News: 🙃 June 3 - 10


Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup!

How the heck are we already in June!? Happy Pride Month! Last year I tried to collect all the Pride themed merch/fundraisers from leagues but missed a ton! Please send me a link if your league is doing something cool!

Also huge shoutout to Bob Dunnell for the use of his fantastic photos!


This Week in Roller Derby News:

WFTDA Rankings: May 31, 2019


WFTDA Releases Concussion Risk Clarifications


JRDA Announces Championship Teams

JRDA Facebook Post

How To Mold Your Mouthguard

NoxTalks Youtube

How to Lose Your Officials Through Bullying

Mass the Ref Facebook Post

*This is vital reading for everyone in the derbyverse.

Chatterbox Week 11 (Besterns, Have a Nice Day)

The Apex, Chatterbox Facebook Post

7 Ways to Lose Your Team's Trust

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on Spotify and iTunes

Training Ideas For When You’ve Hit That SLUMP [Part 1]

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

East Coast Derby Extravaganza Announces Tournament Officials

ECDX Facebook

East Coast Derby Extravaganza Releases Announcer List

ECDX Facebook

Roller Derby Tricks: Lateral Crossovers✨

Miracle Whips Roller Derby Trainer Facebook Video

How Not to Communicate Like an Asshole

MillaJAB Youtube

Monthly Roller Derby Chat - Fear

Juke Boxx Facebook Video

Rosie Peacock talks Derby Without Borders

DerbyDirectory Youtube

IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE! - A Steaks Lab Report on Thermoregulation & Athletic Performance

Steaks Site

Other Illegal Contact Section 4.1.3

Official Timeout Podcast on iTunes

The Macintyres Take Over Roller Derby

Scottish Roller Derby Blog

Ep. 19: Welcome Back Odder

Derby from the Balcony on Spotify


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Weekend Scores:

All info snagged from Flat Track Stats 🙌 Click the photo to go to the tournament page to see full scores and stats!


Denver, CO, USA

Hosted by: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

Archive on Twitch thanks to FiveonFiveMag

Have a Nice Day

Saint Paul, MN, USA

Hosted by: Minnesota RollerGirls


Fundraiser Highlight: Help Queen City Junior Girls Get to JRDA Champs


The Queen City Junior Roller Girls are so proud to announce that we have qualified for JRDA Championships for the first time in the league's history! 

Our skaters have worked so incredibly hard this season and have moved up to an impressive spot in the rankings, and now we get the chance to compete against some of the top Junior teams in the world! 

We are excited about this unique opportunity but we can not do it without help. A trip to Loveland, Colorado in July is a pretty big expense for our team, and we are left with very limited time to raise funds

Any amount you are able to donate to help our team get to Colorado is so very appreciated, and is an investment in the future of this great sport of roller derby. 

Wendy Walden