Roller Derby News: 🍓June 10 - 17

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup and woof- we got a big one! Make sure to scroll down to catch the MVP of the Week, Fundraiser Highlight, and the thing we need to talk about MOST this whole dang week.

This weeks’ photo by Bob Dunnell. Who is a wonderful photographer and person.


This Week in Roller Derby News:

Spotlight on Officiating: WFTDA Education Meets Dublin Roller Derby Officials


WFTDA Selects 2019 Tournament Head Announcers


*Huge shoutout to THA's Andrew Marron, Gretchen Little, Steffi Skyscraper, Scarlet O’Hurtya, Val Kyria, Biertrix and Chloé Gwendoline! <3

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Real People: Deaf Roller Derby Players

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JRDA Announces 2019 Scholarship Award Recipients

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Roller Derby Mania 2099 featuring Scald Eagle

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We need to talk about: Eric Rawk

Eric Rawk is a long-time, high-level ref from the west coast. He recently made this comment in a ref group. on a facebook status of a ref. (Updated 6/18 when I learned this. Sorry y’all!)


Grace Killy (former WFTDA president/6-year WFTDA board member) posted this on Rawk’s Facebook:

Dude, did you really suggest that people just start to "identify as female or non-binary" to get officiating spots in a thread? WTF man.

Screen shots about 20 comments in if you're not sure what I'm asking about.

New Zealand officials, sKathing Grace & Purple Parfait, made this statement:

We (Kathi/sKathing Grace & Marlow/Purple Parfait) have been made aware of comments made by eric RAWK - the high level ref that has been asked to come officiate in NZ. Together we would like to say that we do not support this decision and in light of recent comments stand together in saying we will not be officiating anything if he is involved. The type of transphobia and misogyny that he has presented is unacceptable in New Zealand derby and we will not stand complicit with it.

Angel City Derby made a statement (Facebook, Twitter) including this:

We as a league believe in growth opportunities. ACD is using a restorative justice approach to ask Rawk to take this as an opportunity to grow with the community. We have asked him to complete sensitivity training to educate him on the problematic nature of his public comments. Until this training is completed, he will be suspended from participating at Angel City. Upon completion and review with league leadership, we hope to move forward with a period of probation and continue the work of re-building bonds with our community members who have been directly impacted by these events.


Weekend Scores:

La Classique Georgia W. Tush

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hosted by: Montreal Roller Derby

Footage archive on Facebook, donate here

Flat Track Stats


Fundraiser Highlight: NERDerby


Y’ALL. This weekend the La Classique Georgia W. Tush was streamed high quality, with multiple camera angles, FOR FREE! Thanks to NERDerby 🙌Help them keep it up:

Donate here

Also s/o to Scarlett Fever who was the cameraperson and did a killer job!* and everyone doing camera work on the stream this weekend! Killer job!

*(6/18 - Oops, I was wrong- it wasn’t just Scarlett! Sorry!)




Commando Roll


MRDA Director of Public Relations; Coach for Sydney Roller Derby League (WFTDA); and Skater at Sydney City SMASH Roller Derby (MRDA); Commando Roll #242

Commando Roll won the 2019 Inclusive Coach Award, which recognises the significant impact of coaches within sport who support LGBTI inclusion above and beyond the expectations of their role.

Here’s what they had to say about winning this award:

I coach for WFTDA member Sydney Roller Derby League, who nominated me for this award. The nomination was driven by league members who believe I deserved the award. I knew I was being nominated, found out I was a finalist a month ago & didn't know I'd won until the awards ceremony.

I'm really honoured to win this award. Derby is, in the main, a progressive community but that doesn't mean we're excused from working on diversity & inclusive practices. If anything it means we need to work harder to make our sport truly inclusive.

This is the first time, certainly in Australia, that derby has been recognised in the same way as "big" sports like Tennis, Water Polo and Australian Rules Football. I think that's pretty cool!

Huge huge huge congrats to Commando Roll, who puts in the work across the derbyverse to make it better. <3

Wendy Walden