Roller Derby News: ⛱️ July 8 - 15

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. HAPPY ROLLERCON WEEK! Hope I get to meet some of y’all in Vegas! Did you know I have a video for What To Do When You Can't Go To Rollercon?! Beware, it’s early!NoxTalks.

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This Week in Roller Derby News:



Continental Cup - North America West

Continental Cup - North America East

Continental Cup - Europe

Playoffs - Winston-Salem

Playoffs - Seattle, Washington

Decline statements from Canberra, Houston, and Middlesbrough

July 4 #ASKWFTDA Twitter AMA Transcript: Confronting Racism and Marginalization in Roller Derby


WFTDA Looking for Leagues to Beta-Test Proposed Changes to Impact Metric for Illegal Blocking Zones


WFTDA Minor Rules Update on Scoring Avoidance


Spotlight on Officiating: Education Meets WFTDA Officiating Education


Team Indigenous Roller Derby Statement on 'Mohawks'/'Tomahawks'

Team Indigenous Roller Derby Facebook Post

Southern Discomfort Share New/Updated Policies

Facebook Post

JRDA announces New Media Director, Tommy Riggins/Standby

JRDA Facebook Post

JRDA Announces New Secretary Jason Kittredge

JRDA Faceook Post

Juke Boxx Talks Game Plan

The Lovely Biertrix Podcast on WiSP

WFTDA 2019 Post Season Seedings & How Rankings Affect Mindset

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

Derby Rocz Episode #208




Fundraiser Highlight: Tater’s Stolen Skates Fund


Recently my friend and teammate Tater was at a friend’s house when someone broke into her car and stole her belongings. Included were her entire derby gear bag, which had all of her protective gear (Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and mouthguard), her pair of Mota skates, and her laptop bag and charger. Losing roller derby gear can be hard enough, but along with her computer being stolen as well it will be extremely difficult to replace. Please consider donating and/or sharing so we can help Tater get back on her skates and get her through this difficult time!

Donate here


Wendy Walden