Roller Derby News: 😎July 15 - 22

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. Sorry this is a tad later than usual, I just got back from Rollercon! This weeks’ photo is by Bob Dunnell aka Mr. McWheely! <3

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This Week in Roller Derby News:


WFTDA Announces 2019 Tournament Announcers


MRDA Announces 2019 Qualifiers Officiating Crews

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Spotlight on Officiating: Education Meets WFTDA Officiating Education


6 Habits of Uncoachable Players

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

Don't Be Someone Who Makes Anyone Want to Quit Derby with Kilt Trip

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Derby Rocz Episode #209


A Brief History of WFTDA Playoff Declines (updated)

The Apex

Strong Athletic Announces Strong Athletic Trans Athlete Design

Strong Athletic Facebook Post

Weekend Highlights: 27 July 2019

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B Champs 2019 Announcer Application

Google Doc

B Team Champs Officials Application

Google Docs

#nomoFOMO - Rollercon Games (Full Games on Facebook)

West vs East All Stars By Vote

Bitch Please vs Side Eye

Magic Mike vs Chippendales

XXS vs Chunkendales

Tiny But Mighty Vs Amazons

Fury Road vs The Matrix


Fundraiser Highlight: Help Sailor City travel to Continental Cup


We are Sailor City Rollers from Argentina. We are going to compete in the WFTDA’s Continental Cup East 2019 for the first time…

For us is very difficult to keep traveling around the world. We make a lot of sacrifices to travel, train and compete. We need your help to lighten our monetary burden. Every U$S1 is worth ARS$45 so is impossible for us to raise the money in our country. We need help from our international roller derby community. Please spare us what you can!

Donate to their GoFundMe


Wendy Walden