Roller Derby News: ☮ August 5 - 12

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. Thanks to Bob Dunnell for this weeks’ photo!


This Week in Roller Derby News:


WFTDA Rankings July 2019


Denver Announces Thin Air Throwdown Teams

Denver Twitter, Facebook

London Roller Derby: Our Rebranding Journey

London Roller Derby Site

*So excited to see this happen! And thrilled for the BTS perspective and info for teams looking to change!

2019 WFTDA Postseason Fundraisers ✈️ ✈️ ✈️

The Apex

Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby to Play ‘We are nation: a game without borders’ at Champs


Jewish Roller Derby Is Here To Shatter The Stereotype of Jewish Women

Alma Site

Jewish Roller Derby Tryout Information

Google Form

This Roller Derby Team Is Jamming for Indigenous Representation

Great Big Story

JRDA Announces 2020 Champs Locations

Facebook Event

Beat Me Halfway Announces Its Final Year

Facebook post

Santa Cruz Derby Groms open letter and the use of communications technology

TeamHitSquad Podcast Facebook Live Video

Local Derby, Birthday Shout out and Santa Cruz Derby Groms vs Los Anarchists

Power Jams, Talk Derby Facebook Live

Fantasy Roller Derby - MRDA North American Qualifiers

ECDX 2020 Team Interest Form

Google Form

The Big O Tournament Head Announcer Application

Google Form

How I went through shoulder surgery and back to roller skating

DogDays Roller Skate Magazine

Section 4.2.3: Interfering with the Flow of the Game Penalties

Official Timeout with Ovary Actor on iTunes

Bracket Predictions - North America West Continental Cup

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on Spotify

Recap of WFTDA North America West Continental Cup

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

Ep: 21 Humble Composition

Derby from the Balcony on Anchor

Episode #212 - Summer Affair

Derby Rocz on Spreaker

Weekend Scores:

Congrats to the finalist of the WFTDA North America West Continental Cup:

  1. Calgary Roller Derby

  2. Sun State Roller Derby

  3. E-Ville Roller Derby

*Full weekend scores on WFTDA stats site

Also, thanks to the Apex for making sure we were all aware of Windy’s Southern Tour results:

Jacksonville vs. Windy City 158 - 135

Atlanta vs, Windy 182 - 137


Let’s Talk About: New Technology Used At JRDA Champs

At JRDA Champs, the Los Anarchists beat the Santa Cruz Derby Groms in the final game. About a week later, Santa Cruz made this statement on Facebook, saying LA’s “…coaches were in constant communication with skaters throughout the game via a wireless communication system with earpieces wired to receivers velcroed in each of their helmet visors.”

Conversation ensued across the derbyverse.

LA made this statement on their Facebook with answers to common questions.

This brings up a lot of issues we as a community need to talk about. We had some great points brought up in the post on State of Skate, such as economic equality, skater development, and technology in the game.

I’d love to know your thoughts! Answer the poll and join the conversation on State of Skate!

MVP of the Week: PreFlash Gordon


Photographer, cat dad, and derby icon PreFlash Gordon has undoubtedly taken some of your favorite derby pictures. He’s been a staple in the derbyverse for years; home photog for MNRG and Northstar and at most D1 tournaments. He’s also just a really great person and I wanted take a moment to give him the derby love he deserves!

If you aren’t already a fan (…um…how??), listen to his interview on the latest episode of Derby from the Balcony! I listened on my way to work the other day and smile the whole way. Good people <3

Thank you for all you do, PreFlash! We’re so lucky to have you in the derbyverse! Can’t wait to see what you make next!


Fundraiser Highlight: “We fight with Karin!” from Roller Derby Regensburg

Our dearest team mate Hella Blitzgerald received the staggering diagnosis leukaemia. The whole team is shocked. Hella is not only involved with being newbie captain, due to her friendly, open and helpful nature she has won our hearts from the beginning. In her place of residence Sinzing she has organised so much for the culture there e. g. she has founded a language institute, a „Waldkindergarten“ and she has initiated a library. Nevertheless she always has had an open ear for all the worries. Everyone is always welcome in her home. In brief: She’s a friend you only can dream of. All the time we keep her, her family and her two little kids in mind.


Things you can do in order to help Hella:

1. Enregister yourself as a donor via DKMS Deutschland

2. We’ve started a crowd funding for her family. Please support this. Every euro sets an example.

3. Send positive messages to Hella (facebook: Karin Holzapfel)! We need lots of positive energy!

4. Share! Show Hella, that she is not alone!

Please, help us and let us fight together for Hella!

Wendy Walden