Roller Derby News: 🌪 August 12 - 19

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. Thanks to Bob Dunnell for this weeks’ photo!

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This Week in Roller Derby News:

WFTDA Signs and Renews Letters of Collaboration with National Governing Bodies


Spotlight on Tournaments: Education Meets Grace Killy to Talk About GTOing


New WFTDA Officiating Clarification on Skater Numbers and Colors


Update – New System Integration August 14-28


The Best Cup Yet? The 2019 NA West Recap

The Apex

Learn your ABC's with Rumpy -Mackay City Roller Maidens

Facebook Video

Rule 56 Announces Next Derby Stance Online Coaching Summit

Rule 56 Facebook Event

Can We Talk About the Word Fat, Please?

Strong Athletic Blog

Change Your Self Limiting Beliefs (with special guest!)

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

4 Quickness Drills For People That Have Friends

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

Derby Rocz Episode #213

Derby Rocz on Spreaker


Weekend Scores:

Tinseltown Showdown

Hosted by Angel City Derby | Los Angeles, CA

Facebook Event

Arch / Arizona: 282 - 50

*Angel / Arizona: 249 - 83

Arch / Angel: 142 - 91

+ MRDA North American Qualifiers (too many to list here)

*Oops, originally had the Angel/Arizona score backwards! Sorry friends!


Let’s Talk About: New Technology Used At JRDA Champs

This was the topic last week but I’m bringing it back because the poll results have been very interesting. As it stands as I type this, just over 50% of you do NOT want this tech banned from the game. What about you? Take the poll below!


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Backstory: At JRDA Champs, the Los Anarchists beat the Santa Cruz Derby Groms in the final game. About a week later, Santa Cruz made this statement on Facebook, saying LA’s “…coaches were in constant communication with skaters throughout the game via a wireless communication system with earpieces wired to receivers velcroed in each of their helmet visors.”

Conversation ensued across the derbyverse.

LA made this statement on their Facebook with answers to common questions.

This brings up a lot of issues we as a community need to talk about. We had some great points brought up in the post on State of Skate, such as economic equality, skater development, and technology in the game.


Fundraiser Highlight: Perth Roller Derby-Highway to Hel-sinki


Following the trip the team received an invite to the 2018 Continental Cup but we were forced to decline due to timing and a lack of funds.

We were heartbroken!

So this year we set our sights on getting an invite to the 2019 Cup and accepting it!

Perth may be one of the most isolated cities in the world but we won't let that stop us!

The Evils have our passports ready and we are so excited to begin our highway to Helsinki.

Wendy Walden