Roller Derby News: 😁July 29 - August 5


Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup. Thanks to Bob Dunnell for this weeks’ photo (this one is actually of my team from a game in 2017 Can you spot me cheesin’?!

Two things from me:

New video - 9 Tips for Rollercon (save for next year lol)

I was on a podcast! 🎙️


This Week in Roller Derby News:


July 2019 WFTDA rankings are now out

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WFTDA Bracket Challenge open now


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JRDA Champs Archives Are Up

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Backward Stops for Roller Derby without using toe stops

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Facebook Video

Roller derby for new fans!

Polerin aka Tear o'Bite’s Twitch

*This is a great breakdown of derby via the VRDL/Arch game from Tush

Atlanta Roller Derby is Looking for a Playoffs Photographer

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Ep: 20 Buy the ticket, take the ride. Featuring Freight Train of TXRG!

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MVP Psychology

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

9 Tips for Rollercon

NoxTalks Youtube

MVP of the Week/ Fundraiser Highlight: FiveonFive Magazine


FiveonFive is like a derby culture institution as the longest running roller derby magazine. In general, they are a permanent MVP of my heart, but this week I want to highlight them for sponsoring the feed for the Denver/Texas A&B games this weekend.

You will be able to watch the archive on Twitch for two weeks and then it will be hosted on their Youtube.

Donate to their Streamlab

Watch the game on Twitch today

Watch the game on Twitch today


Wendy Walden