Roller Derby News: 🛎 September 10 - 16

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup.

Congratulations to the top three finishers (but really, everyone who participated in) the Seattle playoffs!

🥇1st Place: Denver Roller Derby
🥈2nd Place: Montreal New Skids On The Block Roller Derby
🥉3rd Place: Philly Roller Derby

Tournament MVP: Klien, Denver


This Week in Roller Derby News:

Seattle Playoffs Land Acknowledgment


Announcer Uses ‘Spirit Animal’ During Post-Game Interview, Apologizes

WFTDA FB Video + Team Indigenous Statement on FB

Carmen Getsome, Holly Botts (Rat City) Retire

Rat City Twitter

Erinn-Go-Braw (New Jax) l Announces Move to Arch Rival


B-Champs Bracket Released

FB Event

Recap of Seattle International WFTDA Playoffs

Listen to Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast on iTunes

Roller Derby Athletics Announces New Leadership

RDA Blog

1 Hand Down Practice & Experimentation

Optimus Grime FB Video

Rat City Wears Red During Playoffs Warmups to Bring Awareness to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Rat City Twitter, WFTDA FB Video

Jewish Roller Derby with Bruiseberry Pie & Kosher Assault


Kapulani Kaopuiki (Team Indigenous) Chats about We Are Nation: A Game Without Borders at Champs


Tri-City Roller Derby's 6th Annual Put Up Your Toques Invitational Application Form May 8-10 2020

Google Form

Put Up Your Toques 2020 THR and THNSO Application

Google Form

Derby Rocz Episode #217 (Feat. Librawlian)

Listen on Spreakr

JRDA Announces new Events Director, Rochelle Allen



Derbyverse Shit List Update: Eric Lyons, predatory photographer

This week Rickel (Rat City, formerly Seattle Derby Brats I-5 Rollergirls, sorry!) shared this on her personal FB about photographer Eric Lyons. Please read through and make sure your derby circle (particularly if involved with juniors) is aware.


Weekend Scores:

See all scores here

Fundraiser Highlight: Help Santa Cruz (Financially Recover From Their) Travel to Playoffs

Thanks to you we have been able to represent Santa Cruz on the international roller derby stage. The support of super fans like you have made it possible for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls to be one of the best teams in the world, ranking #14 out of 350 teams worldwide. Santa Cruz stands apart from our top competitors who represent major cities--we’re a small town in the big leagues!

We are so excited to have climbed the rankings this season and punch our ticket to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) playoffs September 6-8 in North Carolina. Our next challenge is getting our team to the east coast to compete for a chance to make it to the WFTDA Championships for the first time ever. We can’t do this without you—-we need your help to get there! A gift of:

Wendy Walden