Roller Derby News: 🍪August 19 - September 2

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Hey there Derbyverse, it’s Nox, welcome to The Weekly Roundup.

Sorry for missing last week, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to put these together.

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This Week in Roller Derby News:

2019 Archives are Moving to Twitch


WFTDA Member Portal Now Open


Roller Derby Officiating Certification Program Opening Applications for Recognized and Level 2 Status


JRDA 2020 World Cup Player Application


It Got Real Spooky in Lancaster and Another Gold Medal is Leaving the US

The Apex

How To Get Your Skate ‘Mojo’ Back After An Injury

Dogdays Magazine

Webinar: How to Support Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes

Iron Octopus Fitness

Maurine Filip’s #MentalMonday: THE CARROT AND STICK APPROACH

Facebook Photo

Maurine Filip’s #MentalMonday: TRUST

Facebook Photo

DerbyStance Coaching Summit Releases Schedule

Google Sheet

Finding Your Place on the Team (Q & A episode!)

Power Through the 4th Whistle Roller Derby Podcast

Freight Train's FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY is back

Freight Train Facebook Video

Team Puerto Rico Roller Derby Interest Form

Survey Monkey

Minnesota Rebrands


Rage City Rebrands


British Champs Playoffs Volunteers Application

British Champs Site

Derby Rocz Episode #214


Weekend Highlights: 07 September 2019

Scottish Roller Derby

Section 4.3 - Penalties for Unsporting Conduct (Misconduct)

ROLLER DERBY Official Timeout on iTunes

Ep: 22 Game Day Luminescence

Derby from the Balcony podcast on Anchor


Weekend Scores:



I want to open MVP of the Week to highlight more people around the derbyverse but it will take some work to set up, collect submissions, host a voting stage, etc. What do you think? Is this something you’re interested in?


Fundraiser Highlight: WE ARE NATION SHIRTS

These three designs were created in order to raise money to help get skaters to the WFTDA Championship Tournament in Montreal in 2019 where the first ever We Are Nation game will be played between Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby. The game is meant to highlight skaters from teams that are traditionally marginalized on a global scale, in sports and in roller derby. $10 from the sale of each shirt will go directly to skaters and support staff from both teams. The money will be used to cover all costs associated with being at the event.

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Wendy Walden